Media literacy with the theme "Television Talkshow" organized by the MNC Group this time was held for students of Bina Nusantara University (Binus), Orchid Campus, West Jakarta, Friday (4/10/2019). Present as a speaker was Deputy Chief Editor of MNC News Latief Siregar. In front of more than a hundred students, Latief explained the importance of media literacy in the midst of an era of information overload. Through this activity, the younger generation is invited to return to the "orientation" of mainstream media. "To get correct and reliable information only in the mainstream media.

for the validity of the news we have to return to the mainstream media,” said Latief, because the mainstream media is not careless in presenting information. Every information will be checked for the truth or verified first so that what appears is confirmed and accurate news.

Latief realized that in the digital era, the number of television viewers tends to decrease. As evidence, students who were asked where they got information from, mostly admitted that it was from social media. According to Latief, enjoying television now is not only the conventional way, alias being in front of the television. Viewers can enjoy mainstream television broadcasts from other platforms, for example streaming on YouTube or applications. However, it is still the mainstream media which is a trusted source of information,” he said.

At the same time, Latief reminded that literacy is empowering how to read the media. It's not enough for the public to just get the news so that it seems they already know, but the source must also be considered. to the mainstream media," said the journalist whose hobby is running.

Latief hopes that more literacy agendas like this will be held to ensure that the public has a good understanding of the news in the mainstream media.

Meanwhile SCC Broadcasting Binus University Indra Prawira appreciated this media literacy activity. Moreover, students are very enthusiastic about participating. According to Indra, media literacy also provides an overview for students to recognize and explore information about the world of work. Because we want students to gain experience so they can immediately enter the world of work later. So this literacy media provides insight into how the world of work itself is," he said.

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